Meet the artist

Seth Greene

Resides in Hale'iwa, Hawai'i

Seth draws inspiration from the ocean and beautiful landscapes around the islands as he replicates aerial views of the Hawaiian islands. Through years of experimentation, Seth has created his own unique style that consists of locally sourced wood and epoxy.

Each and every piece we make is carefully curated by the artist himself. His eye for detail and his creative side allows him to design pieces that closely resemble different landscapes. His 18+ years of experience working with the medium has allowed him to excel with his work. Every piece is designed with long lasting intetnion and sustainability. From the placement of the wood to the flow of the waves, each piece is guaranteed to be unique, and of the highest quality.

Seths work has proven to be breathtaking and a beautiful representation of the Hawaiian Islands.

We create a variety of items such as tables, wall art, cutting boards and more! We work 1 on 1 with individuals as well as corporations.

Landscape Inspired

Our love for nature and travel inspires us to create art that resembles beautiful landscapes. Our goal is to create art that brings back good memories and connections you have with a place or time.

A few other inspirations we've created include a slot canyon table, lake tahoe wall art, and most recently a lava inspired art piece.

We take custom orders, so if you're curious about what other places we can re-create for you, the best thing to do is to set up a free consultation with us!